Our first fiscal closure

Our first fiscal closure

In order to celebrate our first fiscal closing as ALKES CORP, in meeting with all the team, several achievements were announced, within the most relevant ones in VENFRUCA, our Agricultural Development team demonstrated greater scope in its management and great alliances in the field, Which allowed to have a higher result in the quality of our concentrates and pulps. Besides the great recognition to the Exportation team that carried out a titanic work and placed for the first time a container of orange and pineapple concentrate on the outside. With respect to our brands Shake-It and Nativo Fresko we positioned ourselves with 2% of Share of Market (according to data from NIELSEN) which makes us aim at a sustained growth in the market of long-lasting juices, taking into account our incorporation In National Chains of great renown (Makro, Plansuarez, Farmatodo). In Industrias el Caimán we highlight the creation of our Fiscal Warehouse in the plant facilities, which allows us to anticipate tax payments to produce efficiently and seek the growth of participation in a market as competitive as alcoholic beverages in this country . On the other hand the incorporation in the conglomerate to TKR Stores (AK Shopping Center) was concreted with a very challenging bet to be recognized by an extraordinary service and quality in what we offer. New challenges arise for FY 16-17 and will only be achieved through OUR PEOPLE with Efficiency, Demand and Results. Proud of the effort and dedication they put in the work that is done, it is evident that every day WE GO FOR MORE.

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