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Venezolana de Frutas, C.A.

Manufacturing company dedicated to the production of concentrate and fruit pulp, for different companies of the market of beverages and products of massive consumption in the area of foods. Today it is dedicated to the fruit industry with more than 28 years of experience, with a high standard of quality and recognition of the fresh fruit processing industry in Venezuela. It is one of the most solid and important companies of the region, and so our clients certify it.

VENFRUCA is synonymous with Commitment, Evolution and Future.
Zona de carga de naranjas en Venfruca


Company that is dedicated to the processing of products from the fruit for its transformation into juices of recognized brands like Shake-It (Natural Fruit Nectar), the only juice of long duration elaborated with double natural pulp content (from 26% to 34 %), Besides being a drink free of preservatives and / or artificial additives. Also in its portfolio of products has other brands of name: Native and Nativo Fresko, which are juices and refreshing drinks with fruits of flavors that describes our roots in VENEZUELA.

Shake-It and Nativo represent the liquid fruit that gives the balance between health and well-being!

Área de llenado de Shake-it para Fruttech

Industrias el Caimán

Industry dedicated to the manufacture and development of brands and formulas of alcoholic beverages for the national and international market. With the aim of maximizing the productivity of the factory with each of its products, Industrias El Caimán seeks to represent a creative and innovative transformation in the development of our liquors. We add knowledge and experience to create unique brands in the Spirits market, which include Liki Liki, Camarita, Toro Rojo, and Attraction.

Giving the pleasure and distinction that characterizes VENEZOLANO brandy!

Fachada Hacienda Industrias el Caimán
What sets us apart...

The delight of the best!

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Tasting from Liki Liki to our strategic advisers
Tue, 7 February 2017

Tasting from Liki Liki to our strategic advisers

Alkes Corp., providing a unique experience to its Strategic Business Advisors, along with Corporate Managers, shared a special evening at...

Launch of Nativo Fresko
Tue, 7 February 2017

Launch of Nativo Fresko

Once again we expand our portfolio of products, this time comes NATIVO FRESKO to refresh your best moments, with fruit...

Our brands with the FVG
Tue, 7 February 2017

Our brands with the FVG

   As part of a commercial strategy we have with the FVG (Venezuelan Golf Federation), sponsoring our products in tournament events...

Our first fiscal closure
Tue, 7 February 2017

Our first fiscal closure

In order to celebrate our first fiscal closing as ALKES CORP, in meeting with all the team, several achievements were...

Our first export of fruit concentrate
Tue, 7 February 2017

Our first export of fruit concentrate

A little more than three years ago in VENEZOLANA DE FRUTAS, C.A., we set ourselves the goal of exporting our...

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